Barrel saunas with Nordic quality


At Cabins, Logs & Pods we have a steady supply of different timber products from our Estonian manufacturer Astel Garden. Estonians love a good sauna. In order to share their love for saunas with the rest of the world, they are happy to provide barrel saunas, which make for a unique feature in any garden. The barrel shape helps distribute steam and heat evenly throughout the room, providing a pleasurable experience for everyone regardless of their position in the sauna, and helping the sauna heat up more quickly.

Astel Garden produces barrel saunas of different sizes and features – with one room or with an additional changing room, terraces, glass back walls to enjoy surrounding nature, etc. Our saunas can be manufactured for 2, 4, 6 or more people.

The barrel design is simple but effective, providing the maximal amount of room with a minimal footprint.

A barrel sauna needs no foundation and no building permit – it only needs some blocks, a concrete pad or a similar, and strong and level structure beneath the cradles.

The barrel saunas are exported as installation kits with all the necessary materials, fixings and manuals included for quick and trouble-free installation.

While we are located in North West, we sell our products all over UK: in England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland.

The compactness, relatively low price range and easy installation process make it a great choice for every sauna lover. Want more information about barrel saunas? Contact us!

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