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At Cabins, Logs & Pods we have a steady supply of different timber products from our Estonian manufacturer Astel Garden. Estonia’s log cabin traditions go back many generations. The structures used by our ancestors were simple and covered only the essentials. Nowadays, our log cabins may have their roots in Estonian farmhouses but are completely different in almost every way imaginable.

Astel Garden creates high-quality log cabins made of slow-growing Nordic spruce, to provide an organic and healthy living environment. The keyword for the log cabin creation is sustainability. The aim is to produce beautifully designed cabins in an eco-friendly way. That’s why they have opted to make the majority of the construction elements for the log cabins themselves – in addition to buildings themselves, they produce their own windows, doors, stairs and railings.

The log cabins provide a healthy and warm atmosphere for their inhabitants.

We provide both classic and contemporary styles to suit different construction regulations and the needs and preferences of our clients. As Astel Garden is an FSC-certified producer of timber log houses, they are able to provide high quality but also keep up with demand and provide requested quantities. 

Astel Garden manufactures log cabins for every client’s needs. We have a selection of different log cabin for diverse purposes:

  • Camping cabins
  • Garden houses
  • Summer houses
  • Weekend houses
  • Home office cabins
  • Residential buildings

Cabins, Logs & Pods is the official distributor of Astel Garden timber products in the UK. We provide Nordic quality timber products to both private customers and business clients.

Astel’s skilled craftsmen turn sturdy Nordic spruce and pine into log cabins with great attention to detail, honouring the knowledge and sense of quality passed on by the ancestors. If you are looking for log cabins with Nordic quality, then you have found a house supplier that won’t let you down.

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