Private multipurpose home office cabins


It can be hard to find a calm and supportive environment for work at home. Or sometimes even at the office. If you had the chance to enjoy a private, calm and safe space, away from the disturbances and designed to help you help you making the most of your working hours, wouldn’t you be tempted? We provide spaces exactly like that for every back garden!

Our steady supplier from Estonia – Astel Garden – manufactures home office cabins that are designed to provide a calm and private working space with attention to detail. Beautifully designed home offices are well-made, comfortable and silent. For business and wholesale clients, we are also happy to customize the products according to your wishes and execute our clients’ custom designs.

Our range of home office cabins has great models to suit the needs of office workers, artists, musicians and anyone else benefiting from a private workspace.

Home office cabins aren’t just for work. They can also be used as a private art studio, a getaway from everyday life, a garden house or maybe even to house guests? The opportunities are only limited by your imagination.

Astel Garden manufactures home offices with different styles, both modern and classic. We also offer different types of roofing, windows, log profiles, etc. For business and wholesale customers we are able to provide flexible payment options, shipping directly to the end customer, custom-made packaging and much more.

Want to know more about our home office cabins? Contact our specialists and let’s find a solution that suits you the best.

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