Traditional Nordic wooden houses


The slow-growing Nordic timber is one of the best building materials in the world. Our spruces and pines have survived the harsh Nordic climate to become a strong and durable building material. It is also one of the most sustainable construction materials.

We are proud to make ecologically friendly and reliable wooden houses from this unique construction material. Our timber log houses are warm. They breathe and regulate their interior climate to create a pleasant living environment.

We manufacture timber log houses according to the needs and wishes of our clients – we make traditional squared log houses, private houses, summer houses, forest cottages, garden houses, and more.

We have a range of house models available, but we also manufacture houses according to the designs of our clients.

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Our house factory in Rakvere produces timber and glued laminated timber houses. For that we have four production lines and two fully automatic Hundegger K2 CNC work benches, which are used for producing wall and ceiling components. As we create glulam beams in our factory, we are able to produce wall beams and roof trusses up to 12 meters long and 150 mm thick.

In addition to the main constructions, we also manufacture all of our doors, windows, stairs and railings.

As we take customer satisfaction very seriously, we have standardized as many of the production processes as possible. Astel Group has ISO 9001 certificate for our quality management system and FSC certificate for sales and production of garden houses. 


Astel has produced hundreds of residential buildings for both private clients and developers. With carefully selected materials, highly skilled workers and long timber log house manufacturing traditions we get the best out of this beautiful construction material. 

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