Pavilions and gazebos for every garden


Our range of pavilions and gazebos covers different styles depending customer preferences. We can create pavilions with custom layouts, various numbers of windows, or other changes, to seamlessly fit into any garden. 

We create pavilions of different shapes and sizes – with 4, 6 or 8 corners, and with different capacities.

We gladly manufacture custom layout for our wholesale customers from their own blueprints. We also make other wooden products, such as playhouses and tool sheds in bigger quantities.

Pavilions, although simple structures, need to be well-made in order to be safe and stand the test of time. At Astel we take even the smallest jobs very seriously because we value quality and Nordic craftsmanship highly.

For our range of pavilions, have a look at our catalogue – and don’t hesitate to propose your own solutions or modify our existing models.

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We create timber log products for all market segments. For wholesale clients we provide delivery to the end customer. Contact us for more information!

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